Updated COVID-19 Policy April 2022

Treatments & Care

We hope that you and your family are in good health and appreciate that our Community is being challenged at this time, and that this is stressful for many families. We understand how confusing and frustrating this may be. We are operating in a rapidly changing pandemic environment, and we are responding as best we can. Our biggest concern remains your health, and we also want to protect the health of our own staff.

Whilst circumstances have changed, we remain committed to your safety and this is why we want to reassure you that we have made this a priority in our offices.

In response to these changes, our clinic has adopted the following processes:

Prior to your appointment:

  • New patients will receive a health questionnaire and sleep study with the welcome letter to complete prior to arrival. 

  •  It may be necessary to reschedule the appointment if a patient or attending parent/guardian has experienced Covid-19 symptoms in the past 7 days.

  • If a health questionnaire, sleep study or medical update is required to be completed, we will be requesting that you complete this on arrival.The clinic will be thoroughly disinfected between appointments.

  • Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to by minimising the number of appointments in our schedule.

  • We ask patients to arrive unaccompanied  or if appropriate with one parent/guardian.

  • We have limits to numbers of people who may be accommodated in our reception areas and if possible, we request that parents/guardians remain in the car or outside the clinic. When appropriate, we can call you to invite you to review relevant information about the appointment and ongoing appointments.


At your appointment:

  • Please see reception staff on arrival as a staff member will ask some covid related questions related to the patients/accompanying person.

  • Temperature checks will be performed with a contactless thermometer or digital thermometer if desired . Individuals with a temperature above 37.5C will be asked to re-present when resolved.

  • A Facemask is to be worn at all times, in these premises. You will be advised when to remove the mask just prior to examination/treatment.

  • Every person who enters the practice will be asked to sanitise their hands immediately on entry.

  • Reading material such as magazines and information brochures will no longer be available because of difficulty with disinfection.

  • We request that you brush your teeth before leaving home/work as we will be temporarily suspending in office brushing and flossing and will be asking all patients to use a pre-procedural antiseptic mouthwash.

  • Our staff will wear all recommended personal protective equipment at the office at all times.

  • We have invested in medical grade air filters to improve office air quality.

  • Our clinics have suction units that minimize aerosols produced by high speed handpieces. These handpieces are only used in limited circumstances in orthodontics.