Continuing Your Invisalign Treatment During COVID-19

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Hi everyone, my name is Robert Hamilton. I’m going to talk to you about how we manage Invisalign for all of those patients that are in that modality of treatment during this Coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment what we would like everybody to do is to actually continue wearing your Invisalign aligners as previously prescribed.

Generally, we will issue you a number of aligners to progress through, and we do want you to continue with that progression as has been directed. All of the Orthodontists are going to be reviewing the patients aligners schedules and in some instances, we may decide (if it’s safe to do so) that we will post out the remainder of the aligners, or another few aligners to keep your treatment going during a shutdown period.

Tips on Wearing Your Invisalign Clear Aligners: 

The important thing to remember is to maintain good hand hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, especially just prior and after inserting your aligners to try and keep the virus at bay.

One of the other things we would like you to do is if you reach the terminal and last aligner that we’re able to give you, continue wearing that until this pandemic is over and we are able to resume regular treatment.

DO NOT stop earring your aligners otherwise, we are going to be progressing backwards. If anything was to break feel free to contact us and we will give you the appropriate advice as to whether to continue wearing the broken sections of an aligner, or whether to come in and we might, under emergency circumstances be able to make you a retainer to hold things until we are able to kick on with the treatment.

If you have any queries at all please feel free to contact us, as in some instances we may be able to FaceTime you or do virtual consultations. So, we are here to help you and best of luck through this difficult time, thank you!

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