Idealising your Smile in Adulthood

Aesthetics & Personal Wellbeing

A woman having her orthodontic braces checked

Many adults rate appearance as highly important. They believe our looks can impact upon our self-esteem, job prospects, the partner we choose and our overall satisfaction with life. Some have placed a high importance on their looks since their early teens while others don’t take much interest in their appearance until later in life. When we think of our presentation, we usually think of our faces as they are always on display.


Smile is a Big Part of How We Look

Much of our non-verbal communication is delivered via facial expressions, and these are centred around the smile. A smile with visible teeth is thought to express greater happiness and is more sincere than a smile that doesn’t display teeth. Teeth are often the first thing people notice when meeting someone for the first time. People who aren’t happy with their teeth may smile and talk in a way that attempts to hide their teeth.

Research has shown that smiling triggers feelings of happiness and stress reduction in our brains similar to the effect of exercising. The serotonin released is a natural antidepressant, making us feel happy throughout the day.


Conscious of the Way We Look

It’s human nature to judge ourselves more harshly than others view us. We zero in on what we perceive as faults in our appearance. For some people, these faults can consume their thoughts for a large part of their day and negatively impact on their self-esteem. They may be less inclined to go on dates or apply for their dream job because of their appearance.

Compared to many facial features, teeth can often be improved dramatically to change appearance. Orthodontics is far less invasive than plastic surgery needed to modify other facial features such as the nose.


All the Orthodontic Options

Adults often spend more time than teenagers exploring other options available than the standard braces. Adults have waited longer and may be able to spend a little extra on their orthodontics than the average teenager.

Adults can be concerned about how they will look with braces. Teenagers know they will have many peers around them at high school wearing braces whereas adults don’t have that same level of peer support. Adults are more likely to choose braces that are less conspicuous than standard braces. If it fits within their treatment plan, adults may consider the following options:

Clear Aligners – impressions or a 3D scanner is used to by an orthodontist to map out an orthodontic treatment plan. A series of clear plastic trays changed every two weeks slowly move teeth to their new positions to fix some problems. Not all orthodontic conditions can be treated effectively with clear aligners so often a combination of clear aligners with braces for a short time can be a suitable mix to achieve an excellent outcome in some patients.

Lingual Braces – designed to keep orthodontic treatment concealed by attaching brackets to the inside of teeth. Due to the proximity of lingual braces to the tongue, a patient’s speech can be impacted until they get used to the braces being there.

Ceramic Braces – worn on the outside of teeth, clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires are less obvious than metal brackets and wires.

Considering Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult?

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Dental Cosmetic Procedures

Often a combination of orthodontic treatment and restorative dentistry procedures provided by your dental practitioner are necessary to idealise your smile. Worn or damaged teeth may require restoring their ideal shape with plastic build-ups, ceramic veneers or crowns. Moreover bleaching of the teeth is often combined with theseprocedures to optimise the colour of the teeth.

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