Presentation of Your Orthodontic Treatment Plan – What You Need to Know

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Orthodontist presenting a patients treatment plan for orthodontic braces.

The presentation of your orthodontic treatment plan is a vital step in your journey to you or (your child's) ideal smile. Here at The Orthodontists, we are always thorough and back every decision with sound findings. We invite you back to the clinic after your initial consultation to present to you a detailed document outlining your entire treatment plan. 

The presentation of your treatment plan is a time where you can ask questions about treatment options, the length of treatment and payment plans/options. Find out what’s included in a treatment plan and how you can prepare for your or (your child’s) presentation appointment. 

What Is an Orthodontic Treatment Plan? 

An orthodontic treatment plan is a blueprint of the entire process we take to achieve your ideal smile. A treatment plan is a detailed document including treatment options such as the type, length, post-treatment and available payment plans. This information is given to you so you can decide if you wish to proceed with the orthodontic treatment. 

What Information is Included in the Treatment Plan?


Our doctors make a diagnosis based on information gathered from the clinical examination at the first consult. The doctor will review x-rays, scans, photographs and any records of your teeth to develop your treatment plan. 

Treatment Options 

Some treatment plans include several orthodontic options for the patient to choose from. While other patients’ plans may only have one option. It all depends on the complexity of the case. Some patients have complex issues that can only be treated with regular braces. 

Other patients have less complex cases that are more cosmetic than medical. They may choose between a single arch, regular, ceramic or lingual braces and possibly be a candidate for Invisalign

The doctor will outline each of the viable treatment options and the expected outcome. The patient then has all the information in writing to help decide on their preferred treatment option.  

Achievable Results 

Everyone wants to know how the treatment will change their smile. We show prospective patients realistic results using a variety of records. The treatment plan includes a copy of the photos we took at the first consultation.

A computer analysis shows patients the before and after results. 

Most patients have impressions of their teeth taken at the same time as their photos. We put together a diagnostic wax up of their teeth. The wax up gives the patient a good idea of how their teeth will look after the orthodontic treatment. 

Patients who are eligible and interested in Invisalign can view the progress of the proposed treatment through a short video. 

Length of Treatment

During the consultation, the doctor will provide an estimate of the treatment time. This estimate is fairly accurate, but it does come down to how fast a patient's teeth move. This isn't known until the braces are applied. Patient compliance is also a factor in treatment length. 


Your orthodontic treatment doesn’t finish when the braces come off. The final stage ensures your beautiful smile lasts a lifetime. 

Your plan will include information about what we require following the removal of the braces. The plan may recommend fixed or removable retainers (or both). 

Payment Plan Options

The plan includes a quote detailing the cost of each treatment option. It also breaks down when the deposit, final payment or instalments are due. To assist with budgeting, The Orthodontists provide payment option plans. 

The treatment plan provides the information you need to find out what private health insurance rebates (if any) you are eligible for. 

The orthodontist will discuss the details covered in the treatment plan and answer your questions. We send a summary of the treatment plan to your dentist if they referred you to our clinic.  

FAQ’s About Orthodontic Treatment Plans

Will I Feel Pressured to Take the Most Extensive Treatment Option? 

No, our Orthodontist’s aren’t salesman. Our job is to present the facts, including the pros and cons of each treatment option. We will always leave the choice of option up to you and we see our responsibility to provide you with enough information that you can choose the option that is going to make you happy.

If I Don’t Know, Can I Ask My Orthodontist to Give Me Their Opinion on Which Option I Should Take? 

Yes, you can the orthodontist to give you his recommendation; then the choice is yours. 

Can Both Parents and Our Child Attend the Presentation in Case We Have Questions?

Yes, you’re all welcome to come in for the presentation.   

Do I Need to Decide in the Presentation Appointment If I Want to Proceed?

No, take the written information with you and think about which treatment option (if any) you want to take up. You can let us know your decision by calling the clinic.  

What Are Wax Ups? 

A diagnostic wax up is a 3D model of the final result you can expect from treatment. It’s made in a laboratory after changing the impressions of your teeth taken at an earlier consultation. 

What Is a Computer Analysis?

The computer analysis shows you a digital before and after using information obtained through x-rays and photos. 

My Child Has Autism and I’m Not Sure How He/She Will Cope With Treatment

Over the years, we’ve successfully treated many patients with autism and ADHD. We’ve developed treatment methods that help put our patients at ease. We’re happy to discuss your child’s requirements with you. 

What If I Have Questions After the Presentation Appointment?

There is a lot of information discussed during this consultation so we provide a written treatment plan and outline of all the risks and implications of the treatment to take home, read over and talk about. It’s understandable if you have some questions. Contact the clinic and we’ll provide you with answers to your queries as soon as possible. 

Considering Orthodontic Treatment for Your Child?

There are many advantages to starting orthodontic treatment for children at a young age. Improve your child's smile and book an appointment!

Do I Use the Treatment Plan to Ask My Private Health Insurer about the Rebate I Should Receive?

Yes, the quote will include item numbers for each treatment option. You can contact your health insurer and ask for a rebate quote by providing the item numbers. We can also provide you this information in the clinic by scanning your private health insurance card (except HBF members). 

If you have any queries about your treatment plan or wish to start your orthodontic journey, contact The Orthodontists on (08) 9364 8020 or contact us online.

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