Quality of Life Considerations with Wearing Braces

Aesthetics & Personal Wellbeing

Young girl enjoying herself & smiling with braces

For most people, the positive outcomes of orthodontics far outweigh any quality of life concerns they may have. For others, however, it is a difficult decision to commit to braces for a range of reasons.

It doesn’t matter if your reasons for having braces are purely aesthetic or mainly health related, you may struggle with your decision to proceed or not. It’s a normal reaction. You also may want to explore the options of clear aligners although they have some limitations which can be overcome with combinations of clear aligners with braces.


Braces aren’t Suitable for Everyone

The vast majority of the population can wear braces with little impact, but a smaller percentage of people will not cope well for various reasons, both physical and psychological.

Potential Discomfort of Wearing Braces

Not everyone has the same tolerance for pain and discomfort. Braces are rarely painful so the vast majority of the population can cope. Changing to a soft food diet in the days following fitting and adjustments is enough for most people while others might benefit from taking a mild painkiller.

Self-Conscious about the Look of Braces

Most patients appreciate that wearing braces now will give them decades of good-looking, healthy teeth.

Braces are so common across a broad cross-section of the Australian population now that having braces fitted isn’t a big issue for most patients. Some may feel self-conscious when seeing friends and family for the first time after having braces fitted. It’s important for patients to remember that others soon get used to seeing them with braces and don’t even notice them after a while.

In extreme cases where someone is so concerned about their appearance that they will feel sad or depressed for much of their treatment then braces may not be suitable. A young person’s mental health and psychological well-being need to be taken into account.

Considering Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult?

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Be Informed

If you are having doubts about whether you will cope with braces, find out as much as you can before you make a decision.You may want to consider other options like clear aligners or even a combination of aligners followed by a short period to braces to detail the final aspects of your tooth alignment. It’s worth taking your time as your decision will have short and long impacts on your life.

Here are some people you can ask questions:

Your orthodontist – explain your worries and ask for more information about how these concerns might be overcome. It’s highly likely you aren’t their first patient with these concerns so ask as many questions you like to get the facts.

Friends or Family Members with Braces – ask how they find wearing braces and if they had similar concerns to you before they had their braces fitted and what it’s like now.

People who have Finished their Orthodontic Treatment – ask how they found the experience and whether they would do it again if they had their time over.

Gathering information is the best way to make an informed decision about wearing braces. If you have any concerns before or during your treatment, don’t hesitate to contact your orthodontist. You can make an obligation-free appointment at The Orthodontists on (08) 9364 8020 or contact us online.