What to Expect at Your First Orthodontic Consultation

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Young girl having her teeth examined at her first orthodontic consultation.

Ever wondered what happens at your first orthodontic appointment? Children, teenagers and even adults can be anxious before their first orthodontic consultation. Remember your first appointment is the first step towards achieving a beautiful smile! Here at The Orthodontists, we want you to feel at ease every step of the way. Below is an outline of what you should expect at your first appointment.

Arriving at the Clinic

When you arrive at the clinic you’ll be greeted and logged in by our admin staff. You'll be provided with a welcome pack which includes forms for you to complete. You may have already received these forms by mail and completed them at home, so please bring them with you. 

Next, our treatment coordinator will come and collect you and take you in to see the doctor. Your orthodontic consultation can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes long. 

The Consultation

If you were referred by a dentist, the doctor will review the referral and complete the consultation. If not the doctor will talk to you about any concerns you have regarding the look and function of your teeth. You should also let the doctor know of any dental problems you (or your child) has experienced.

Once the doctor has examined your teeth and had a chat, he will discuss the next step. For some patients, the doctor will recommend holding off on any treatment. This can be because your child doesn’t need any orthodontic treatment right now. It’s never too early to examine your child's teeth and jaw - an experienced orthodontist can determine if they are likely to have any issues as a teenager or adult.

The orthodontist can also defer treatment in teenagers and adults if there is any sign of jaw injuries or disorders, gum disease and poor oral health. These issues need to be corrected before the placement of any orthodontic appliances.  

Other patients, are ready for the next step.

What Happens If Your Treatment Is Deferred? 

If you get deferred the clinic we will write to you when it’s time for you to return for another consultation. If this is your case, you should follow the recommendations of the doctor in the initial consultation to ensure you or (your child) can be seen for another review. This may involve seeing a specialist they have recommended or waiting until your child's teeth have moved into place before treatment. 

The timeframe could be anywhere between 6-months to 12-months time for another review. Some patients are ready to begin their orthodontic journey after the first review. While other patients may not be ready for a few more years. Every case is different. It’s important that we wait until the ideal time to start treatment. This will ensure optimal results are achieved that last a lifetime. 

What Happens After the Consultation?  

Further clinical diagnostics are required for the orthodontist to advise you of your treatment options. Unless you have a full set of records it is impossible to confirm a specific plan of action in the initial consultation. 

The orthodontist will provide you with a simple summary of the problem and discuss how we can treat your problem. We can provide you with a range of costs but no affirmative pricing at this stage. 

Records of the teeth including scans and x-rays will routinely be requested. It's not uncommon for new findings to come out of these records and treatment options can be modified. That is why a definitive plan cannot be confirmed until these have been reviewed. Some patients may need moulds of their upper and lower teeth taken which also assist at the treatment plan presentation.  

If you haven’t already had x-rays or new x-rays are required the clinic will organise for you to visit a dental radiologist. This will happen prior to returning to the clinic for your presentation of the treatment plan.

Considering Orthodontic Treatment for Your Child?

There are many advantages to starting orthodontic treatment for children at a young age. Improve your child's smile and book an appointment!


Your Next Appointment: Treatment Plan Presentation

Once all of the information is in and the doctor has prepared your treatment plan, we’ll organise for you to come in to present it to you. The presentation includes all the options suitable for your case. For some people that may be braces on single arch only, full braces, regular braces, lingual braces and Clear Aligners. It’s then up to you to decide which option you’d like to take. There’s no obligation. 

Some patients aren’t ready for braces just yet. The doctor may recommend a preliminary treatment while the patient is young and their jaw is still growing. If the doctor believes overcrowding is a problem or will be a problem in the future, they may recommend an expander plate. 

If you have any queries about braces or aligners, make a no-obligation appointment at The Orthodontists by calling (08) 9364 8020 or booking an appointment online.

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