Why do I need a presentation appointment

Unless the patient presents with the full set of records, it is impossible to confirm a specific plan of action without any uncertainty. We want to be thorough and back up all of our decisions with sound findings. 

With the first consultation, the orthodontist will provide a simple summary of the problem and discuss why we should treat the patients presenting problem and a general summary of the treatment required with a range of associated costs. In some very simple cases, it is possible that a final plan with costing may be delivered particularly if x-rays have accompanied the patient 

Records of the teeth including scans of the teeth and x-rays will routinely be requested and it is not uncommon for findings from these additional records to modify the details or options for treatment. That is why a definitive plan cannot be confirmed until these have been reviewed. Many patients appreciate the opportunity to discuss treatment in more detail at the second appointment as often question arise after leaving the clinic on the first consultation. 

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